Frameworks hinder innovation

Frameworks are designed to make programmers lives easier. How do they do that? They do that by getting a lot of common tasks and providing methods for users so they can do repetitive without writing a bunch of code for the thousandth time. Things like auth, user creation, sessions are so easy to make with a framework like Laravel or Ruby on Rails.

My concern

My concern is that frameworks such as these are going to hinder innovation and new projects.

Most of our current frameworks are designed to make our lives easier when making web applications. This means that people assessed the current needs of web apps and catered towards people creating them, great! Too bad that doesn’t take into account what we’ll be doing in the future.

I think it will be an interesting environment when nobody is able to innovate and take us to the next level because people don’t have the skills to create the backbone of these frameworks as well as not having the knowledge of life without frameworks and what can be done when you have free reign from the programming language.

I feel like there’s a lot to talk about in this topic but I’m having trouble putting it together in my head. I will update this article (or write a new one) when I can articulate my thoughts better.

    1. Yes and no. They allow for innovative products and ideas to happen as long as they fit the model of the framework and what it was designed to create. If we look at something like Rails, it’s great for CRUD apps but if you’re doing much else with it you’re fairly limited. Frameworks are great for business projects and most circumstances where the app design of the product is standard but I think there will be people who limit ideas and plans based off what their framework of choice can do.

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