Instant jQGrid by Gabriel Manricks review

When I first heard of Instant jQGrid by Gabriel Manricks I hadn’t heard of the jQGrid plugin before but was interested and intrigued how it could help my workflow as a front end developer. I decided to do some research into the plugin, its documentation and community.

While researching these things I found it difficult to understand how the plugin functioned and what the best use cases would be. The jQGrid plugin has a community that
boats over 30,000 forum posts for their software but I was still unsure where to start.

The plugin looked good and I wanted to use it though In comes Instant jQGrid written by Gabriel Manricks.

The book calls itself instant and that’s exactly what it is. In the first few pages Gabriel runs you through how to install jQGrid and its dependencies and create a table using a JSON data generator (a handy tool by itself).

In Instant jQGrid you’ll be taken from the basic steps on installation of the plugin, formatting data, adding controls, editing data, communiting with jQGrid, Editing data server-side, Searching using jQGrid and interfacing with the API.

If that wasn’t enough for you Gabriel has compiled a list of resources ranging from official sites, further tutorials, where the community is and how to find the jQGrid team on Twitter.

Overall Instant jQGrid by Gabriel Manricks is a fantastic way to get your feet with with jQGrid, get started and have something to show for it at the end.

If you’re interested in the plugin, have seen it used somewhere and was curious how to start I definitely recommend you get this book published by Packt.

The instant series claims to be Short, Fast and Focused. Instant jQgrid covers all of these bases and is a must read for getting into the plugin.

Pick up a copy of Instant jQGrid 

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