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I was discussing with some people at work and found out that what a few people around the office are really looking for right now is an event management app to assist with our professional development programs that we run reasonably regularly. I’ve heard a bit about this in the past but it always seemed a bit far away however with the start of the new year we’ve had some issues with other aspects of our system that prevent other work from being done so with a bit more free time I think now is going to be a good time to get started with it.

The app will be web based and will allow users to sign up an account then register for various events that we’re running throughout the year, payment may also be an option depending on the requirements surrounding it.

I plan on building the app using a JavaScript framework such as Backbone or Ember. There may also be an option to use Laravel. PHP needs to be used as we’re using a Windows IIS server so Rails (my first choice) won’t be possible for both initial set up headaches along with on going maintenance costs. I may not be working here forever and I would hate to leave the company with an app that is incredibly costly to maintain/update, especially with all the Rails security issues lately the other IT staff may not keep up to date with such updates.

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