Marketing Meetup Notes

Today I met up with Julie Lawrie from The Marketing Box and was able to get a whole load of advice for TicketLoop. I thought our discussion would be really handy for other people as there was a whole bunch of good chat that happened. This is just a notes dump so don’t be afraid to comment and ask questions if you’re unsure of anything

  • Look at supply chain partners and who can help expand your business or might be interested in helping you grow.
  • Make sure when you’re approaching businesses you have packages and literature that they can pass up the command line or share with other decision makers. Forgetting this can mean people won’t suggest ideas to their coworkers because they’re not informed about it as well as they’d like to be.
  • Set targets and deadlines for growth. Focus hard on hitting those goals.
  • Make sure customer interactions, especially online, have a call to action that customers can easily follow.
  • Use tools like HootSuite to manage social media. Make sure your posts have a plan and can flow on from each other.
  • Use promotional drivers and trending topics to get people to share your posts with friends.
  • Get your users to compile best of lists on a range of topics relevant toyour niche.
  • Make sure your current goals fit with the end goals of your products.
  • Look at other companies and brands outside of your niche that would be interested in partnering or purchasing from you.
  • Use a sales and marketing database for your customers.
  • Piggy back on local events and use them for promotion of your brand while giving value to them.
  • See if your local council or community organizations offer grants or promotion.
  • Know your market. See if you can write down 20 different points about your customers and market.
  • When running ads really target your copy and stereotype your users.
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