My Laravel Experiences So Far

My Laravel experience is going well so far, I’ve learnt a lot about how MVC can work with PHP. I find the framework can be a bit clumsy in some ways especially when I was starting out and the documentation could definitely be a bit better, lucky for me there’s plenty of people in #nettuts and #laravel that are willing to help, so massive shout out to those guys. Laravel itself seems VERY similar to Rails so if you’re familiar with that you’ll be happy although things like validation I’ve been putting in my Controller even though it’s recommended in the Model I couldn’t get it to work. Today/This week I’m looking at organizing my relationships table so users can attend events, I don’t have much experience with this sort of database stuff so it’ll be an interesting experiment with lots of stuff breaking.


As an aside NoseyHam will have a commit coming lately but you can check out the current changes (including searching) right now! After I sort out the layout issue I’ll be working on business profiles.

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