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I recently found out about r/somethingimade and I made a post there about NoseyHam so I thought I’d copy/paste it below:


A while ago I thought to myself that I didn’t know enough PHP so I wanted to create a project, I thought and thought and thought but couldn’t come up with an idea. A few weeks later I was tasked with either creating a website for my workplace or finding someone to build it for us, I was more than happy to make it myself but I thought I’d have a look to see what was around in the way of web designers in my city.

After searching for a while I realized that it was so incredibly hard to find a decent web designer in my city that had not reached the top of Google rankings but SEO spam and the websites that didn’t appear to be super spammy were outdated and I didn’t trust them to create a good website for our brand.

I wanted to change this.

I had my project idea, so I got started with the name NoseyHam (it started off as no seo spam and went from there). I started working away on a beta sign up page and then when I started making the site I realized that I would have to spend some time doing design work, which I didn’t really want this project to be about. So I decided to go with Bootstrap so I wouldn’t have to worry about the UI or anything that would take time away from me learning more PHP, this also had the added bonus of me learning Bootstrap.

The project is finally done and although it’s not an original design or a particularly amazing idea I’m happy with how it turned out and I learnt a lot. If you’ve got any questions I’d love to hear them same with any criticism or complaints, if you want to be listed let me know because at the moment it’s just dummy data.


Github Repo

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