So I’m on my way to China

After I got back from Thailand earlier this year I was very keen to get travelling again. I looked around at a lot of options and was originally planning on going to Mongolia on a motorbike tour or cycling tour. I was unable to do the motorbike tour as they’re run by people who care about safety so you need a motorbike license in your home country, something I don’t have. I was looking at doing the cycling variation of the tour because I think travelling the steppes would be an amazing adventure and would result in some incredible stories. The time of year I was looking at going (end of the year) is not the best time to go to Mongolia as it’s freaking cold and an incredibly inhospitable climate. I looked at moving my trip forward towards the middle of the year (July) but no tours were running when I had holidays and I didn’t want to take more work off than I needed to. After some discussion with friends and family I decided China would be the place to go. I had a chat to people who had been there before and got their opinions on where to go and eventually settled on Beijing.


Right now I’m sitting on a plane at 6am after two cups of aeroplane coffee and watching a little map of our plane flying across the world. There’s 40 minutes left in the flight and so far it’s going well. I managed to sleep for a few hours and the plane isn’t that busy so I can spread myself out reasonably well.Which is always good. The plane looks like it’s from the mid 70s, which is a stark constrast to the lovely new plane that we had on the way from Adelaide to Singapore. My stop over in Singapore was 55 minutes, so there was a bit of running involved. When I got to the gate (at the other end of the airport) and had gone through the security scanner I had to send my bag back through (twice)and even got accused of stealing their number for the tray you put your things in before they realized I wasn’t the passenger they were looking for.

My plan for when we hit the ground in Beijing is to find some free wifi and get the English directions to my hotel via train and the Chinese directions via taxi on my iPad. I was originally going to take a taxi due to convinience but now I’m thinking I’ll just catch the train and see how I go and if worst comes to worst I’ll just pick up a cab and pay what I have too.


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