Travelling to South Korea

I’ll be travelling to South Korea soon. I’m leaving for two weeks in September. I’ve got some plans of what to do over there but overall not much planned and I don’t really know what I can do. I’m landing in Incheon and will immediately make my way to Seoul.


I want to go and watch a GSL event because I’ve watched so many online and it seems like a good place to go. SPL would be another night worth going out for. I’d like to meet Tasteless, Artosis, Wolf, Brendan and Khaldor but I don’t know what the opportunity for that is like. I’ll have to ask them on Twitter. I hope I can meet some players too. I bet there’s an opportunity for some sweet, sweet karma on r/starcraft if I made a gallery of all the images. I also want to go to the DMZ. I’ve been fascinated with North Korea for a while so the chance to get to the border is a great opportunity that I have to take. I wanted to go to the DPRK but not on this trip. It’s a fairly difficult place to get in and organised tours are required. I’ll save my pennies and go another time.

After Seoul I’ll head South East to Gyeongju for historic sites and the chance to learn about arts and culture. When I’m finished in Gyeongju I’ll go to Busan then back to Seoul, Incheon and home. I don’t know what to do in any of those places but that’s all part of the nomadic lifestyle I guess.

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