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I recently acquired a MacBook and decided for the first time in my life to use the Mail app bundled with OS X. I have about 10 emails that I use for different purposes and some of them are just directly re-routed to a GMail or Outlook account. I’ve been using this method for a few years now and it’s a great way to rank importance and discover how people found your email address. Using this method coupled with using Opaq email addresses by DoNotTrackMe makes email management easy.

If you want to try a similar set up for sending email from multiple email addresses but are a bit lost about how to set it up in follow the instructions below.

Open your Mail preferences from the top left hand corner.

Opening Mail Preferences using Command+,

Find the accounts section and in the email address field just separate any emails you want to send from via comma.

Adding email addresses in settings

And you’re done. In your new emails you should be given the chance to select whatever email address you want from a drop down box. You might find that you need to do some authentication depending on the email address or you’ll get something that looks like

From: [on behalf of]

This isn’t really ideal for an experienced emailer like yourself. Make sure you send a few emails to and from your different accounts to make sure they function properly before you start emailing others.

Happy Emailing.

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